Keeneland Concours 2010
Jul 17, 2010 - Jul 17, 2010




Dateline:  Keeneland Concours d'Elegance,

Lexington, Kentucky,  17 July 2010

Located conveniently adjacent to Bluegrass International Airport, the Keeneland venue got a real surprise today.

While Ferrari F50s and old Dino's got marquee billing in the invitation-only area, the real surprise happened in the paddocks.  The KCC crew, clearly off-song by the absence of its leader Bam-Bam Juan the Man Lopez, lounged back to sample their third Mint Julep.  Life was indeed filled with culture and even the bugs were taking a siesta.


Suddenly, faintly, a ratty motor sound.  An eye here and there looked out from under the de rigeur straw hat.  What is that?  It was overhead, it was a slow mover, it was a bi-winged war plane.  People stared skyward.  Straw hats tumbled  to the ground.  Fingers pointed.  Then it was gone.  As quickly as it began, it was over.  


Over past the Porsche paddock, beyond the Bentley pits there was a commotion and it was getting bigger.  The crowds yelled, kids screamed and old timers got a tear.  The Ruddy Baron had landed at Bluegrass and he was coming our way.  How?  Why?  Impossible!  Can't Be!   But it was.  The Ruddy Baron wanted to hang with the cobra folks.  It is not lie.  It happened.  We have photographic proof.  We know the rules in Vegas.





The white silk scarf fluttered dashingly in the breeze.  One woman asked him to autograph her (censored).  The Barron had a Kentucky Cobra Club shirt, and his vintage leather flying helmet and a smile as large as Red River Gorge.   A celebrity feeling was in the air.  In the blink of an eye the Ruddy Barron was gone.  Soon, the sound of a small plane, the flash of a while scarf, a dip of the port side wing and the Barron headed north for parts unknown.  If you were there, you saw it.  But you may not believe it.

Christmas in July.  History in the making.  Where was Bam-Bam Juan the Man Lopez?  He missed a good-un.


Keeneland lived up to its reputation today.  Here are some photos of the goings-on.  Mighty fine people, a very nice day in one of the most beautiful places on earth---Kentucky


Kentucky Cobra Club, Juan Lopez-Bonilla
1941 Bishop Ln, Suite 510, Louisville KY 40218