Kentucky Cobra Club
Hi all, join me in welcoming aboard James Trimpe, from Crestwood, KY and his Factory Five Racing Roadster.

John Bullock, from Birdseye, Indiana makes progress on his Shell Valley 427 Roadster.
Stunning color combination.
Click on image below for more on his build. Enjoy.

Join me in welcoming aboard Erik Furtado
from Orlinda, TN and his bright Yellow Factory Five Roadster.

I could not resist but to put this incredible animation on our Kentucky Cobra Club Website.
From Youtube,

YOUTUBE VIDEO "Shift 2 Unleashed: Shelby Cobra 427 at Road America (HD)"

Enjoy again.

Join me in welcoming aboard our newest members, Jeff and Jen Munson, from Lexington, KY.
Check out their beautiful Porsche Iris Blue Factory Five Roadster. Come and say hi this Saturday March 15 at the Snakes n' Eggs at Mimi's Cafe.
Click here or photo below for more on Jeff and Jen's car.

Kit Car Builder Magazine on its First Ever Digital Issue & John Masick and Bryan Marshall for their features on this issue. Outstanding new developments and promise of long life and future of Kit Car Builder Magazine. 

Join me in welcoming aboard our newest member from the beautiful island of Puerto Rico, RAMON OCASIO and his incredibly tricked out Backdraft Racing Roadster.

Please enjoy this cool video from Walt McGuire, Jr, from Baltimore, MD, great friend and loyal follower of the Kentucky Cobra Club.

If you have a Cobra, GT40, Daytona Coupe, Shelby Mustang, Pantera, etc, welcome. If you don't and just want to join anyway please do so, you are also welcome. We have monthly meetings called Snakes n' Eggs. Try to make one of those and you will be hooked.


Juan Lopez-Bonilla

Louisville, KY

Vince Lubbers
Toad Hill Farm, KY

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Kentucky Cobra Club, Juan Lopez-Bonilla
2432 Crittenden Drive, Suite 201, Louisville KY 40217