October Snakes n' Eggs 2010
Oct 9, 2010 - Oct 9, 2010

Snakes and Eggs
9 October 2010

Twenty members in fifteen cars piled into Georgetown, Kentucky on a warm and soulful Saturday.  Events past and future were discussed.  We got chance to see some special shots of the Concours d' Elegance in Louisville, we talked about a number of new additions to next season's event schedule, and we checked out the awesome cobra jackets commissioned by Lisa and Adril.  These are spectacular.

The club planning committee, whose name dignifies its dressed-down demeanor, will meet after the first of the year to stir up a new flight plan for 2011.  The picnic at High Bridge, the trip to do the Diamondback routes in North Carolina and a possible Gulf Coast Tour will all be considered.  And of course all of our regular favorites.  If you have an idea for something, get it to Vince or Juan.

Juan announced that Club banners, shaped to fit a cobra windshield, will be distributed to a half dozen or so of the regular attendees.  Having a few increases the odds that one will actually be at an event and the windscreen size obviates the challenges routinely faced when hanging the large club banner.   The large banner will be put into play for large events like the British Bash or the London Cobra Show.

NEXT UP:   Next Saturday we meet at Greater Cincinnati Performance Cars in Hebron, Kentucky; then relocate to the Hofbrauhaus in Newport, Kentucky before ending the day to the south in Rabbit Hash, Kentucky.  We will be busy, but it is well planned.  You are invited.  Any one of these three places is worth the time, together they are a bonanza.

The event ended with 20 smiles and heartfelt waves all around.  Yes, what your mamma told you was true, it really is about the people.

Lucky attendees

Lisa and Adriel Harrod, Frankfort, Factory Five, Bill and Rochella Alley, Lexington, Superformance, Rowe Hamilton, Louisville, Shelby GT, Jim and Paula Hurt, Shelbyville, Classic Roadsters, Mike and Jackie Silvers, Lexington, Everrit Morrison, Don Muirheid, Cincinnati, Superformance, JA Koontz, Pewee Valley, B&B Roadsters, Chas Munninghoff, FT Mitchell, B&B Roadsters, Sam Jackson, Louisville, Superformance, Jerry Joiner, Richmond, Shelby GT, Allan Mulcahy, Lexington, Superformance, Juan Lopez-Bonilla, Fern Creek, Superformance, Mike Coates, Louisville, Airplane Unfinished, Ken, Lexington, Factory Five, Vince Lubbers, Madison, Superformance

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