Louisville Concours d' Elegance
Oct 2, 2011 - Oct 2, 2011

Stars of the Big Show
October 2nd, 2011, the Red Carpet was out to welcome the Kentucky Cobra Club to the opening of the Louisville Concours d' Elegfance on this glorious sunny Sunday morning. The day was picture perfect, not a cloud in the sky. But yet you could see and touch the stars, what?
The stars of the show, of course. The cars but more importantly the people who made the trek to this awesome event.
Starting with the stars from the North, Larry and Kathy Hoboken all the way from Columbus, Ohio in their spectacular silver Superformance Coupe, followed by Gaby Batshoun, new Superformance Dealer from Ross, Ohio in one of his Superformance MKIII's, Chas Munninghoff from Ft Mitchell Kentucky, one of our favorite couples from Sunman, Indiana, John and Karen Czarnecki in their super clean Midstates Cobra.
Following them were the stars from the East starting with Curt Raush in his super Sano B&B roadster, gorgeous car, Jim Levenson from Lexington, KY owner of a Superformance MKIII, he is also a master story teller, we love Jim, makes us smile always, Jim Hurt from Shelbyville, KY, owner of a Classic Roadsters Cobra, and boy he goes through car batteries like White Castle Sliders.
Stars from the South came up also in the form of Tom and Donna Barret from Shepherdsville, KY in their incredibly well maintained Black Superformance MKIII.
The Western stars came out with Bill Smith from Brandenburg, KY in his Ferrari roadster replica.
A whole bunch of stars from Louisville area came out in force starting with our lead Cobra into the Concours, Brian Marshall from Jeffersonville, Indiana in his super rare blue AC MKV roadster, Kevin Collins from Louisville, KY in his CSX 3301 Cobra white with blue stripes, wow, what a star. Terry and Julie Riebel from Louisville came out swinging in their magnificent Factory Five Roadster, Sam and Monika Jackson in their Superformance MKIII, Alan Smith in his most spectacular Daytona Coupe, worth a million stars, Ron Caravona in his Blue Classics and Collectibles Cobra, Dennis Clark in his Factory Five project Cobra, loaded with techno stuff, Dave Nolan came out to visit just getting healthy in order to be with us, and last but not least Juan Lopez-Bonilla in his red Superformance Roadster.
We are so very lucky to be able to enjoy this hobby of ours, as it has afforded us the luxury of meeting and making lasting friendships with the most wonderful people, the Stars of the Kentucky Cobra Club, you, thank you for making this club what it is. Unforgettable.
Kentucky Cobra Club, Juan Lopez-Bonilla
1941 Bishop Ln, Suite 510, Louisville KY 40218
502-558-2904, juan@lbrdesign.com