Mike Linnigs Car Show
Oct 22, 2011 - Oct 22, 2011

Would You?

Of Course You Wouldn't!

Would you go to the famous Mike Linnig's Fish Emporium and order chicken?  Of all of our club members attending the (actually quite fabulous) Hot Rod Show at Mike Linnig's on the 22nd of October only our unnamed leader ordered chicken.   I could not believe my eyes.   I asked Terry, "what is that?"  He said wings.  I groaned.  The waitress groaned.  People driving a Dodge Omni at the next table groaned.  It was one of those 'stare at your food, make no eye contact, and maybe they will think he is a homeless soul who just sat down at our table.  I could tell that this had no affect on the King of Chicken, he gobbled down every morsel and licked the plate.

Meanwhile, competing live singers (one an Elvis look-alike) kept the tunes flowing.  Every kind of hot rod or gasser your mind can imagine serenaded us with exhaust notes.  Our hearts fluttered, otherwise dignified folks pointed unabashedly, and friends claimed 'I knew that' when it was obvious they had no clue. 

Bowling Green to the south, Indiana to the north and a pot full of Kentucky blended together around a concrete table, amidst hundreds of car-folks and smiles in all directions.

If all this talk of chicken has made you, you know, 'nervous,' and if you wonder if maybe you have such tendencies---we can help.  Scroll down a few lines and take what we refer to as the Chicken Checker test.  


A. If you see "Janice the Witch", a KCC favorite charmer, a sweetheart and honorary cobra club member then pass on through the oily gates. 


B. If you see purple and warts and feel a bit queasy then you might consider cutting back on the wings.

That is the way it way at the Mike Linnig's Hot Rod show in Louisville.  A fitting end to a  fabulous year.   Join us for the Snakes n' Eggs in Georgetown on 12 November.  Bring your dreams and wishes for 2012 and we will try to get them on the calendar.  Have you ever been to Gravel Switch? 

These folks, Chicken Checkers all, came and enjoyed.  They all ate fish---save one.


Vince Lubbers and Bea Bland, ToadHill, KY, Marvin Skaggs, Hodgenville, KY, Steve Quarcini, Scottsburg, IN, JA Koontz and Jr, Pewee Valley, KY, Darryl Hyche, Louisville, KY, Bill and Kathy Smith, Brandenburg, KY, Terry and Julie Riebel, Louisville, KY, Larry Wells, Pewee Valley, KY, Alan Smith, albeit in car spirit only, Louisville, KY,  Juan and Cindy Lopez, Louisville, KY, Robert Strong, Louisville, KY,  Tom and Donna Barret, Shepherdsville, KY, John Massick and Linda Klein, Louisville, KY, also a new member from Glasgow, KY in his Factory Five beautifully primed roadster.


Kentucky Cobra Club, Juan Lopez-Bonilla
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