Return To Rabbit Hash 2012
Sep 22, 2012 - Sep 22, 2012
Cobras Outnumber Bikes in Rabbit Hash, Kentucky

The equinox arrived right on schedule in Kentucky in 2012.  We gathered in Georgetown in bright sunlight and warm breezes.  The weather would hold the entire day. 

Twisting our way north for a hundred miles we tumbled down the tree lined entrance into Rabbit Hash.  It has become a friendly tradition in the club---one of the signature events that signal the season is winding down.  This year we were surprised to find that cobras nearly (OK, almost, maybe) outnumbered Harleys. 

With questions and photos all around, we piled into the outdoor tables at the Scalded Hog (specializing in pulled pork BBQ and doing a good job of it) to while away an hour or so and watch the Ohio slip sliding  its way to the Mississippi.  Mark Twain would have enjoyed the time and would have lingered to collect some of the stories being told. And his short story would end up being about family and all the little moments that make a family great. This was such a little moment, but oh what a great family story!

Check out the videos and photos below.  You will see we had ten cars as more from the Cincinnati area joined us onsite. Tom Hoppenjans, Chas Munninghoff and lovely wife, Rowe Hamilton, Doug Fletcher and brother from Florida, Vince Lubbers, Bill and Rochella Alley, Tom and Donna Barret, Mike & Linda Vaughn, Juan Lopez-Bonilla.

Kentucky Cobra Club, Juan Lopez-Bonilla
1941 Bishop Ln, Suite 510, Louisville KY 40218