Cobra Thunder in Rabbit Hash
Oct 21, 2007 - Oct 21, 2007

Not a driving event so much as a chance to close out the driving season with friendly people in a relaxed atmosphere. More photos to come. The pictures tell the story, great day, good friends and a great sense of fellowship. What more could you ask for?


At the event, a suggestion by Vince Lubbers, we thought about 5 cars would show up, guess what, 14 cars did. That is awesome. We met a couple of new members that just signed up also.


We had the pleasure of sharing the day with Vince and Bea from Toadhill Farm, KY and their Roush powered Superformance, Jerry and Diane Joyner and their brand new Shelby GT from Richmond, KY, Terry and Julie Riebel in their immaculate Factory Five MKIII from Louisville, KY, Chas Munninghof in his wickedly sounding B&B from Ft Mitchell, KY, Bob and Diane Walker in their brute 460 powerd Superformance from Evansville, IN, Randall Williamson from Lexington, KY and his brand new Factory Five Racing MKIII, Reeves in his most awesome Unique 427 Bigblock from Cincinnati, OH, Phil and Laura Pucket in their superclean Classic Roadster from Louisville, KY, Phil Wilkes and beautiful young daughter and his 427 Stroker Suberformance from West Chester, OH, Robert Hephner in his Factory Five Racing Daytona coupe from Tipp City, OH, Sam Jackson and his copilot Juan in Sam's Spruce Green Superformance, Dave Pfister and lovely wife Becky in their Classic Roadsters from Paris, KY, and last but not least one of our big fans and honorary club member, Bill D'Antoni in his Miata from Louisville, KY.


Rabbit Hash must be experienced, where else will you find a small town with a Dog for a Mayor and another one as traffic cop. You think I am kidding, ask Bea, she's got the full scoop on Rabbit Hash.



Kentucky Cobra Club, Juan Lopez-Bonilla
1941 Bishop Ln, Suite 510, Louisville KY 40218