March Snakes n’ Eggs
Mar 30, 2013 - Mar 30, 2013


(There ‘Ain’t’ No Bayous in Kentucky)

This boat holds 16 people---said so right on the sign---The sign at Wacky Willy’s Café that is.

So when 35 club members climbed aboard for brunch it turned into one of those “Do you remember when?” kind of memories. Yes, we had a ton of folks but thanks to good humor and some family style improvisation everyone finished in time to make it to the conference room at Collins Ford in Louisville. Sit down and buckle up because we had a fully rip roaring agenda.

Chas Munninghoff briefed us on the Elk Creek Vineyards cruise to the vineyard for lunch and perhaps a tour on 8 June 2013. We have heard good reports. Now let’s go see in person.

Don Muriheid brought us up to date on the evolving London Cobra Show which be held 21-23 June 2013. There are lots of innovations and improvements and over-the-top of excitement this year. Go to their website to register.

Then Leslie Smart, Norton Health Care Systems, presented a very professional introduction to the new venue at West Baden, Indiana which will host the 4-6 October 2013 Louisville Concours d’ Elegance. Hunt and Pat Palmer-Ball gave us specifics on the Concours event and what the Club members should expect once at the show, either for the whole weekend of for just Sunday. The event is going upscale in a big way. Churchill Downs was great. This will top that by a mile.

Bill Alley explained the changes to the Keeneland Concours d ‘ Elegance on 20 July 2013. The Keeneland staff will be at our next Snakes and Eggs in Georgetown on 20 April to provide additional insights. In addition to the regular, awesome show cars, over a thousand Mustangs are expected.

Juan and Brian Marshall
introduced KCC’s Broken Piston Award and Mike Vaughn displayed his special, hand-crafted trophy. The London Cobra Club is working with us to make the inaugural award memorable. Another good reason to get registered for the LCS.

New members were introduced. See the asterisks in the attendee list below. A special welcome to them and special thanks to Kevin Collins for the use of his facilities.

There is no doubt: It really is about the people!!!



Present were: Vince Lubbers, Diane and Jerry Joyner, Sam and Monika Jackson, Brian Marshall, Mike Vaughn and Lynda, John Masick, Terry Riebel, Julie Riebel, *Duke and Amy Williams, Trent Williams, Eddie Kannapel and Sister, Mike Coates, Chas Munninghoff, Dennis Clark, Doug Fletcher, Curt Rausch, Pat Palmerball, Hunt Palmer-Ball, Don and Vickie Muirheid, Bill and Rochella Alley, Bill Smith, Leslie Smart, *Dutch, Yvonne Lehring, Russ Lyle, Tom Barret, Cindy Lopez, Juan Lopez-Bonilla.

Kentucky Cobra Club, Juan Lopez-Bonilla
1941 Bishop Ln, Suite 510, Louisville KY 40218