London Cobra Show 2013
Jun 20, 2013 - Jun 23, 2013


Like Puzzle Pieces in a Box

London Cobra Show---2013

June 20-23, 2013

Columbus and London, OHIO


When you did picture puzzles as a child did you tilt the box in an attempt to find a certain piece and have them all form a jumbled pile in the corner?  You did!  Us too.  And it happened this year just like Yogi said:  “It's deja vu all over again.”  When we were small it was puzzle pieces. Now it is dear friends.  And we found them in a jumbled pile under the Kentucky Cobra Club canopy at the Holiday Inn.  People from just about everywhere and all with a hand extended and a smile wide enough to swallow a big block.

We had 33 members make the trip with the first arriving on Thursday and the most packing out on Sunday.  What did we do?  Everything.  We cruised, we told new stories, we paraded to London and we attended the banquet.  We enjoyed the weather but mostly we enjoyed the camaraderie. 

We bestowed the inaugural Broken Piston Award to John Takvorian, from Cambridge, of Massachusetts


.Click here for a link to the Broken Piston Awards' Page.

The essence is captured in these words:

The Broken Piston Award
The Kentucky Cobra Club

The Broken Piston Award was created in 2013 by the Kentucky Cobra Club (KCC) to recognize good Samaritans who have come to the aid of a club member in a time of need.  No matter how intrepid an owner may be; there are times when vintage machinery or happenstance leave one in a lurch. 

A sense of humanity is the hallmark of the Broken Piston Award.  It is reserved for people who go beyond the common standards of politeness and truly help someone in need.  The awardee need not belong to the Kentucky Cobra Club or even be a cobra owner.  An awardee is defined solely by their actions.

If a member receives help and believes that it warrants the award then he/she provides the circumstances and details to the president of the KCC.  If the award criteria are met then a Broken Piston Award certificate is prepared, signed by the president, and forwarded to the recipient.  The narrative is then added to the awards page on the website.  Awards and the reasons why they were given will also be provided to the membership in our Snake Bites newsletter.

A history of all awards will available as a link on the website.

The Broken Piston Award signifies the spirit of “Broken But Not Beaten” and reaffirms the club’s motto---
It really is about the people.

We enjoyed the shared memories and we enjoyed the beer from Juan and Sam.  We welcomed new members and missed those who could not come.  We hope to see everyone next year, under the KCC canopy.  Make your reservations early.  Pack your smiles.  We will have extras if you forget.

Do you know what the picture was on the picture puzzle we pieced together as youths.  You guessed it.  A cobra---Blue with white stripes.  Or maybe it was red.  No matter.

Enjoy the videos and photos from the show. 

Kentucky Cobra Club, Juan Lopez-Bonilla
1941 Bishop Ln, Suite 510, Louisville KY 40218