Keeneland Concours d'Elegance
Jul 20, 2013 - Jul 20, 2013

Keeneland Concours d’ Elegance 2013


“I See Twelve”

What?!!!  Said Shifty who gets straight to the point.  Yes, Shifty, there we 12 cars gathered under the shady trees in the cobra club paddock.  Two Mustangs were there too.  A Boss 302, Laguna Seca Edition and an awesome GT500 dripping carbon fibre.  And they just sat there docile as you please amongst the Sassy Snakes.  Pretty impressive, huh?   That was not docile, that is---well I don’t know what it is, huffed Shifty.  They were both on electronic nannies and nerve pills.  Beeping and showing off the air conditioning and generally acting like kids.  Their build dates were more recent than my last oil change.

Well there you have it.  Shifty can be a touch opinionated.  He did not mention making eyes at the Boss and rubbing tires.  Such friendliness was everywhere in the circle of chairs.  The leaves rustled, the breezes blew and added to the backdrop ebb and flow of old acquaintances who saw the KCC Circle and wandered in to say hello. 

Of course the Ford Mustang was featured at this Concours but rare and rarer specimens were everywhere in the juried areas.  Aircraft, fixed wing and helicopters, enjoyed an even more prominent part of the show this year.  The PA announcers blared out reports of lost husbands found in the Holman-Moody display area.  And the lost soul’s partner would roll eyes and say  “I sent him for BBQ.  And he got lost.   Again.”

When the afternoon sun began to wane, and chairs again found homes in bags, we rediscovered what we already knew.  The cars were merely conveyances which brought us together.


It really is about the people!


And oh by the way, we still don't know who shifty is. Come to our next event, maybe he/she will show up again.

Start packing your picnic basket.  Double up on smiles and hugs.  Next we go on a driving walk-about that will ultimately deposit us at tables under the trees at Natural Bridge State Park.  Mark the date down.  August 10th.  More info will follow.

Allan Mulcahy, Linda Russel and Mike Vaughn, Jeff (not yet a member with red cobra), Pete Peden, Amy and Duke Williams in Blue cobra, Bill and Rochella Alley, Randall Williamson and son, George and Paula Pascal with the Boss 302, Jerry and Diane Joyner, Bill and Rochella Alley, Vince Lubbers, Cathy and Bill Smith



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