Rabbit Hash 2013
Sep 7, 2013 - Sep 7, 2013

2013 Rabbit Hash Cruise. Randall Williamson led us on a magnificent journey to the banks of the Ohio River and the memorable Rabbit Hash. The drive from Georgetown to Rabbit Hash was cool, smooth and comfortable for all. Read on and enjoy the photos and videos from yesterday, September 7, 2013:

Front and center at Rabbit Hash 2013 were:
John Massick, Fletcher, Steve Quarcini, Butch Demerle, Duke and Amy Williams, Katrina Demerle, Doug Fletcher, John Czarnecki, Carl and Steffanie Jeffries, Chas Munninghoff, Randall Williamson, Vince Lubbers, Cindy and Juan Lopez-Bonilla, Jimmy Liong, Thom Wright, Lee Ann and Ross Lyle, Alice and Rowe Hamilton, Joe Quarcini
Check us out as we approach Rabbit Hash. Unforgettable


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