November Snakes n'Eggs
Nov 2, 2013 - Nov 2, 2013

November Snakes N' Eggs

10:00 AM, Saturday, November 2, 2013

Golden Corral, Georgetown, KY


"Full Circle"
Snakes n’ Eggs, 2 November 2013

November’s Snakes n’ Eggs in Georgetown was well attended by members old and new.  Looking across the tables, the old and the new were well mixed---omelette style if you will.  And smiles were everywhere.  Traditionally this meeting marks the end of the year and in one sense it did.  In another sense it was clear that a new and exciting 2014 was just ‘moments’ away.  We heard about recent club events. We heard from Don Muirheid about the Ohio Cobra Club news and what to expect at the 2014 London Cobra Show and about potential events for the upcoming season.  For instance, the club plans to travel to Alabama at the invitation of our friends there.  Excited to go---we are!  Planning for the upcoming year will be in full swing in January, so watch these pages for what to expect.   Got ideas or itches?  Call or email them to Juan or Vince.  The club is about people and what YOU want to do.

The club also took this opportunity to present Becky Fister with a remembrance of the respect and love we had for her husband Dave.  We will miss him.  We are glad we knew him.  Becky, you will always a part of KCC.

Thanksgiving is just about two upshifts down the calendar from here.  Enjoy the holidays, recharge your batteries and plan to enjoy the New Year with cobra friends in the KCC. 

Present at the Nov Snakes n' Eggs were: John Wright, Bill and Rochella Alley, Sam and Monika Jackson, Bill and Kathy Smith, Don Muirheid, Jerry and Dianne Joyner, Dennis and Dorothy Clark, George and Paula Pascal, Becky Fister, Vince Lubbers, Chas Munninghoff, Jimmy and Jacob Liong, Juan and Cindy Lopez-Bonilla.

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