Cobra Thunder in Rabbit Hash II
Oct 11, 2008 - Oct 11, 2008
Our annual visit to Rabbit Hash was blessed with a large turnout, glorious weather and warm hospitality by the kind folks at Greater Cincinnati Performance Cars (GCPC).   Twelve cobras converged on the GCPC facility in Hebron, Kentucky just before lunch.  Bill Littleton and his crew provided a selection of entrees, a look at some beautiful Backdraft cobras and a slide show of the events at the just-completed Run and Gun at Gateway Raceway near St Louis, Mo.  After a time for friendly introductions, and a demonstration of the application of a clear protective coating on the nose of a cobra; the group departed for the 20 mile transit to fabled Rabbit Hash. Justly fabled and confirmed once more. Friendly folks, more food, a front porch to kick-back on and blue skies showing through the Fall foliage. We added Larry Hall and his cobra in Rabbit Hash making our total 13 cars and 18 members. (We actually had 13 members of the human race plus one, we honor the Late Mayor of Rabbit Hash as a member for life and the after life.) A list of participants follows: Vince Lubbers, Terry and Julie Riebel, Bill Littleton, Chas Munninghoff, Juan and Cindy Lopez-Bonilla, Keith Henline, John Weldon, Samuel and Monika Jackson, Ron Johnson, Bill and Cathy Smith, Steve Quarcini, Randall Williamson and Kevin Broyles. First time participants included: Keith Henline, John Weldon, Ron Johnson and Kevin Broyles. By mid-afternoon, those headed in a common direction found others headed that way and small groups departed for the trip home. This area of northern Kentucky has an abundance of smooth nap-of-the-earth secondary roads and they were delightful as always. The next "official" club event will be our Mid-Winter Rendezvous on 10 January 2009. Until then, numerous local events will pop up on the calendar. Keep an eye out for one at Mike Linnig's Restaurant on 25 October 2008. If a member in that area could check this out and post back on the club forum or send Juan or Vince or Terry an email, that would be very helpful. Kentucky Cobra Club Vince Lubbers Toad Hill Farm, Madison County, KY 859-623-1899
Kentucky Cobra Club, Juan Lopez-Bonilla
1941 Bishop Ln, Suite 510, Louisville KY 40218