Louisville Concours d' Elegance
Oct 1, 2010 - Oct 3, 2010


Lou Concours



Louisville Concours d' Elegance 1-3 October 2010



The sun rises slowly in the East and the brisk air at Churchill Downs is a mixture of 110 octane and lather of thoroughbreds on their morning workouts.  Steam rising out of coffee cups in the start tent.  Croissants dripping with butter.  Driving shoes, cobras, Lotus, Ferrari, Astons, Coopers, Jags and scores of others.  The Rally to Heaven Hill Distillery and its luncheon on the lawn was about to begin.   Backs were slapped, bourbon was tasted, motors exercised and largely for a charitable cause.  We were off to a grand start.  On a grand day with blue heavens and the company of like-minded aficionados.  


This is a special day in Louisville.  The entry catalog runs a hundred full color and glossy pages.  The infield at Churchill Downs is immaculate.  The outliers drove through mist before dawn at 43 degrees to be a part of this.  Dozens of car haulers reminiscent  of the transporters for Derby favorites.  There is that juice in the early morning air you encounter at the track.  Let's get this show on the road.  The weather cooperated, the cars and people were gorgeous.   Cobras got lots of attention and pride-of-place parking in the show area.   Terry used three bottles of detailer to clean up drools on Alan's exceptional Daytona Coupe.  This car needs its own technical expose to describe the incredible details.

But then---

Cobras and Fashions---Now There's A Thought!

We are talking gorgeous models, dresses with more on the minds than warmth, stiletto heels, and dubious spouses.

We had clues.  Why is Bam Bam parked in the fashion car paddock and not with the rest of the cobras?  That was a clue.  Why is Bam Bam Juan the Man Lopez wearing makeup?  That was a clue.  

Check out our leader.  Bam Bam driving the fashion cobra up onto the posing platform.  Cruising with haute couture.  Check out that smile.  He is actually enjoying this.  

Lots of photos.  Check them out.  Ten cobras.  OK, 9.5 now that Bam Bam has gone to the pink side.  Phsst.  Bam Bam, if you get tired, we could do it for you next year.

Signed:  Your loyal cobra cohorts.
[Maybe it was not Bam Bam, but someone trying to look like him.  Nah.]

Terry and Julie Riebel, Factory Five MKIII
Alan Smith, Factory Five Daytona Coupe

Steve and Jenny Quarcini, Superformance MKIII

Bryan Marshall, Factory Five Daytona Coupe

Sam and Monika Jackson, Superformance MKIII

Bill Smith, Superformance MKIII

Juan "Bam, Bam" and Cindy Lopez-Bonilla, Superformance MKIII Street Roadster

Mike and Jackie Silvers, Everett-Morrison

Rowe Hamilton, Shelby GT

Jim and Paula Hurt, Classic Roadsters

Vince Lubbers and Bea Bland, Superfor,mance MKIII

Kentucky Cobra Club, Juan Lopez-Bonilla
2432 Crittenden Drive, Suite 201, Louisville KY 40217
502-635-5711, juan@lbrdesign.com