Wednesday, June 8, 2011

We have made some new friends. This brave group of Cobras driving to the Annual Factory Five Racing Homecoming at the factory, June 11, Factory Five Racing, Inc., 9 Tow Road,  Wareham, MA 02571, stopped in Louisville yesterday and met up with us for an evening of fellowship, burgers and a few sips of beer. The Kentucky Cobra Club brought out some of its Southern Hospitality to shine on our new friends. 

The group, headed by Joe Stone from Texas, was made up of people from Alabama, Texas and Missouri. Just to give you some objective travel facts, the one way trip to Factory Five starting in Texas is way over 1,500 miles, yes, ONE WAY. And some of these people will continue on to other parts of the USA and Canada. In their Cobras, so, the next time you think about a two or three hour cruise as being too long, think of our friends from the South, no distance too far in a Cobra. 

As the evening drew near and a few war stories later it was time to say goodbye to our new friends, all honorary members of the Kentucky Cobra Club. Folks, yesterday a friend and fellow Kentucky Cobra Club member sent me an e-mail with the following quote in it.  - "That it's those small daily happenings that make life so spectacular" - Yes, yesterday was one of those SPECTACULAR days, Cobras bring us together, people are the glue.

We wish the group traveling Northeast safe travels, and remember, you are now Kentucky Cobra Club Members. You will always be welcome.


Al Jurgeans, Alabama, Mike and Sandy Covey, Missouri, Wayne and Patty Johnston, Texas, Joe Stone, Texas.



Enjoy the photos.

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