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Tony' Lewis'  Unique Daytona Coupe

Article by Tony Lewis, Knoxville, TN

July 26, 2011


Here's my story on this Daytona Coupe. Butch Capps, Knoxville, TN, and I built the coupe from scratch up about 95%. It was a scratch build. See some early photos below. Butch and I did all of the fabrication in our home garages. The coupe sat in my garage for a few years awaiting paint and final assembly. After starting four businesses, becoming a grandparent two times and building a new farm house I called the troops from Unique Motor Cars to complete the coupe. We utilized photos, e-mails, lots of phone calls and several visits to Gadsden Al. to complete the coupe.(Above, yours truly between two of the great drivers from the Shelby era of the 60's, Allen Grant on the left and Bob Bondurant on the right)

Here are a few stats on the 1964 Daytona Coupe replica

Built by:
Tony Lewis
Butch Capps
Unique Motor Cars

Purchased the original R&D body and a partial Unique frame from the estate of a pervious Unique Motor Car customer and supplier vendor in North Port Fl. 800 miles from Tn. In 2000.

Body: R&D now owned by Shell Valley
Frame and Chassis: Unique Motor Cars

Motor Specs:
347 cu. In.
Carbs 48 IDA Webers
AFR aluminum heads
Eagle steel crank and rods
Roller Rockers
All race stuff inside built stout and strong by Butch Capps at Mid South Gear and made to look like the original 289 Hi Po that pushed the coups to be FIA World Champions in 1965.
Top loader close ratio 4 speed and 3:54 posi also built with TLC by Butch

Additional Coupe Specs:
The coupe was fashioned after the second coupe built in 1964 CSX-2299. The paint scheme used was the 1965 Shelby Team colors as it was raced at Sebring 12 hour race and won the GT class and finished 4th overall. The coupe was piloted by Bob Bondurant and Jo Schlesser for that event.

CSX-2299 won more events than any other coupe.
1st place GT, 4th overall  at Lemans 1964
1st place GT, Good Wood 1964
1st place GT, 2nd overall 24 hour at Daytona 1965
1st place GT, 4th overall at Sebring 1965
Lots of other great finishes in 1964 and 1965
I have always considered CSX-2299 the Secretariat of the Daytona Coupes stable.

CSX-2299 is still campaigned at vintage race events all over the world today.

My goal was to replicate as close as possible the CSX-2299 Daytona Coupe.

I think we did  a pretty good job.

Maurice & Allen Weaver, Charlie and the whole Unique team did a great job completing the coupe. It is home in Tn. now where I am addressing some final touches. It looks, Acts and sounds like an old race car. That is exactly what I wanted.


Enjoy the photos and video.

Tony Lewis, Knoxville, TN



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